Information on Bus Travel in Chile

Bus travel in Chile

Similar to the situation in other latin american countries, bus travel is the most popular way of getting around in Chile. It is much cheaper than air travel and by bus you can normally reach even small and remote cities without problems. For the local population as well as for budget travellers, the well established bus system is the method of choice for long-distance trips.

The vast dimension of Chile in the north-south direction often leads to correspondingly long travel times. Tourists who come to South America for the first time are therefore often worried about spending many hours on a night bus. Nevertheless we recommend that you consider the extraordinary level of comfort offered in the higher service classes before making your decision. After all, travelling in such a luxurious night bus is a specialty of South-America and for sure is an interesting experience in its own right.

On this website we present information on the local transport system in order to give some orientation to tourists who are not yet familiar with bus travel in Chile. We hope to help you with finding the correct terminal in Santiago de Chile, choosing a suitable bus service and knowing your rights as a passenger.