Information on Bus Travel in Chile

Bus Terminals in Santiago de Chile

There are several important bus terminal in Santiago, and as a traveller it is essential to choose the right one according to destination and bus company. Here is a list of the main terminals:

  • Terminal Santiago (La Alameda 3850)
  • Terminal San Borja(San Borja 184)
  • Terminal Alameda (La Alameda 3750)
  • Terminal Los Héroes (Tucapel Jimémez 21)

With the exception of the relatively small terminal Los Héroes near the metro station of the same name, the terminals are located close to the Universidad de Santiago and its metro station. Note that the terminal Santiago is also called Estación Central but should not be confused with the train station.

Depending on your travel destination you should select the corresponding terminal: Terminal Santiago and Alameda for going west and south, San Borja for going west and north, and Los Héroes for going north and south. The terminal Alameda is entirely dedicated to buses of the two big companies Tur-Bus and Pullman Bus. Los Héroes and Santiago also handle services to international destinations.