Information on Bus Travel in Chile

Passenger rights

When travelling in a foreign country it is always a good idea to know your rights as a passenger. Here we present some of the regulations imposed by the Subsecretaría de Transportes of the Chilean government.

When you hand in your ticket at least 4 hours before departure time the bus companies is obliged to refund a minimum of 85 percent of the ticket price.

You have the right to travel in silence. Buses with radio and television need to offer individual headphones for every passenger.

Speed limit.
The buses are not allowed to run faster than 100km per hour. They have to be equipped with an alarm system that warns the passengers when the bus is exceeding the speed limit. In this case you should tell the driver to reduce the speed.

Every passenger has a baggage allowance of 30kg free of charge, with a maximum volume of up to 180 cubic decimeters. The charges for excess baggage depend on the respective bus company.